How Recovery Coaching Gave Me a New Career

number4My name is Angela, and I have been studying recovery coaching this past year, having resigned from my career in accounting. Although I have no history of drug addiction, I can attest to its powerful healing. It’s non-judgmental, compassionate approach has helped me become more confident. It has helped me to hold my own when confronted with people or a difficult situation, and it has given me an abundance of self-worth. These were always my most difficult challenges to overcome.

Recovery coaching will not take you to a place emotionally or mentally that you are not ready to go, and will not force you to experience something you are not ready to re-experience. You remain the driver of your own healing journey, which is all-empowering and extremely fulfilling. I do believe that all human pain is the same, although the way we choose to express it and our ability to deal with it is different. You don’t need to have an addiction history to gain a greater measure of wholeness with recovery coaching.


A Word from our Social Worker

The best part of working in the addictions field is the people one comes across every day. People with different backgrounds, race, age, gender, financial status, professions and family dynamics. As a professional, the more I work, the more…

U-ACT Corporate Profile

number2Be a Pioneer

Do you feel overwhelmed by the choice of CSI initiatives? Do yours really work, particularly if you are investing in the substance and chemical abuse arena?

With statistics of alcohol and drug abuse/addiction on the rise, this part of corporate industry is becoming an industry within itself. It's a South African phenomenon you can't ignore.

We invite you to be a part of helping recovering alcoholics and addicts make a real difference in corporate South Africa, as well as in rehabilitation centers and within their communities, as recovery coaches. You can also be a part of the first 24-hour hotline, specifically dedicated to take calls from drug addicts, alcoholics or their family members.

Addiction is an Illness

People often forget or are under the misapprehension that addiction has to do with the drug. They think that if only their loved one didn’t use crack cocaine, heroin, drink scotch or any other drug of choice, it would in some way fix the problem. Addiction…