Includes 10-month aftercare & outpatient programme

The Programme:

  • 3-day Medically-Assisted Detox
  • 39 Days Inpatient Cognitive Behavioural Programme
  • Including 10 Months Recovery Wellness Aftercare & Maintenance Programme.

This six-week programme is a combination of primary- and secondary-care which allows clients to remain in treatment for 42 days as an inpatient.  The client will work with an individual therapist and recovery coach, as well as attending group sessions.

Each client is supported by a strong therapeutic and clinic team and recommendations and recovery plans are developed by taking the client’s personal resources, goals and preferences into consideration.

The cornerstone programme of The Foundation Clinic is based on a combination of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Coaching.  This deals with addiction in a focused manner to equip patients with the knowledge and personal power to make the life changes needed to achieve a sustained, long-term recovery.  In order to do so, one needs to identify and learn skills to make the necessary changes to a behaviour, at emotional and thinking levels  before practising these skills and using them in daily life.

At The Foundation Clinic, the approach is very much dominated by the knowledge that without these changes, arresting addiction is not sufficient in itself, but rather the follow through of learning how to remain abstinent is critical to recovery.

Existing relationships with therapists, psychiatrists and social are supported as part of the client’s ongoing recovery and wellness.

The programme is followed by voluntary attendance at the Recovery Wellness Outpatient Programme which is an 11-month aftercare and maintenance programme.  This long-term approach has been developed to ensure that the continuum of care aids sustained recovery and wellness.

The Treatment Approach

At The Foundation Clinic, the extended care programme takes place within group and individual sessions by following a structured daily programme that focuses on:

  1. Programme and Recovery Orientation
  2. Individual Therapy and Recovery Coaching
  3. Substance Abuse Education & Relapse Prevention
  4. Group Processes and Coaching
  5. Recovery Wellness Outpatient Programme

The Inpatient Groups and Sessions include:

  • Psycho-Education
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Creative Therapy
  • 12-Step Orientation
  • Goal Setting
  • Recovery Coaching
  • Family Education
  • Trauma Counselling
  • Fitness and Nutrition Coaching
  • Movement & Meditation
  • Logo-Jitsu
  • 12-Step Fellowship Meetings and Support Groups
  • One-on-one Therapy Sessions
  • Individual Recovery Coaching Sessions

The residential approach allows clients to practice their learnings in a safe and controlled environment, with 24-hour nursing staff and therapeutic support.  The clients are introduced to a routine and structure upon which they are able to start rebuilding their lives in the early stages of recovery.  The entire programme, including house activities, is designed to give clients the opportunity to practice the tools and skills that they are introduced to in the group sessions.

The week-day programme is intensive and busy, while the weekends allow for relaxation and reflection, with visiting hours on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

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