Addiction is a spiritual disease. It affects the addict on every level, not just physically but emotionally and mentally too. It can also be very isolating. That is why it’s very important to feel part of something meaningful again, to have purpose and identity outside of our addictive behaviours and lifestyles.

Establishing this sense of purpose and identity is a very important part of the SHARP programme, and clients are encouraged to become involved in various other activities – and they have the option to do so on many different levels. Activities can be anything from creative arts and sports, to horticulture and volunteer work.

Many are surprised to find that they have a real passion for a particular activity, they discover the satisfaction of putting their resources and time to better, more creative and positive use. It’s about acquiring a sense of responsibility and commitment, developing a healthy self-esteem and a sense of achievement. We all have untapped potential, and it is our right to fulfil it.