Addicted to Blogging


My websites and have become my latest obsession. I feel like im caught up in the matrix and as I type i feel that we can heal a world of addiction I must just slow down and focus on the nation.

The challange is not that we cant deal with the substance abuse treatment problem , the challange is …. can  we get all the stake holders to talk together. I have just completed facilitation the Foundation for Recovery Coaching module 1 at SHARP and it always comes out that if we could just work together we would be able to acheive great things…… I see it every day in my corporate practive david collins coaching that if we could only elevate indivadual needs to the TEAM needs. But when you get a load of people in a room strange things happen…. well done to the team of 56…. will keep on blogging … cause im addicted aND WANT TO BE FREE TO EXPRESS WHAT I LIKE..



People please dont read this post im just testing but If you do and get bored please come back it will get better… Im still testing