To address this, we have expanded from SHARP into two companies and have taken a dual approach: the U-ACT Trust has been established to train and up-skill people who have shown a commitment to recovery and Upward Spiral aims to address addiction in the workplace and society as a whole, in a systemic manner.

Our approach has always been innovative and can sometimes be misinterpreted as controversial. For example, offering alcohol-free drinks at wellness days, to attract people to our stand so they can ask the sometimes-difficult questions. What we discovered was how few people know what the legal drink-drive limit is. As a result of the new limits, organisations can now rest assured that their workforce is starting to take responsibility for their own personal behavior. This is the start of a cultural shift to a new paradigm of corporate wellbeing.

In this first issue of Recovery Culture read about *Jasmine and her pill addiction. *Jasmine is currently recovering at the SHARP Rehabilitation Centre. Our social worker, Busi Mthali, discusses what SHARP stands for and does. Saakie Ngobeni, a Recovery Coach trained by U-ACT, writes about his life and how he became a coach in recovery. Enjoy Upward Spiral’s corporate profile.