If you are searching for a compassionate, effective treatment for addiction problems, then read about SHARP treatment centre that offers comprehensive in and out patient alcohol and drug treatment programs. The program provides counseling, nursing and medical services for rehabilitation, withdrawal and detoxification to stabilize and educate patients recovering from chemical dependency.

Addiction problems affect, not only the person engaging in damaging behavior, but also affects entire families, that’s why it is important to find help from top professionals such as SHARP that have the expertise and commitment to help patients and their families toward recovery from an addiction cycle. SHARP has been a source of hope for thousands of patients facing alcohol and drug addiction.

Why Choose SHARP Treatment Centre

SHARP has a compassionate caring team of medical professionals that actively work with patients to help them reach a successful recovery from their addiction. The center uses an accredited program and multidisciplinary approach covering all age groups as they have many years experience treating addiction and substance abuse. You can read about SHARP treatment center proven track record of successful outcomes in their community support and aftercare programs.

Services offered include drug and alcohol addiction services and programs, dual recovery program, extended residential programs, child and adolescent substance abuse treatment as well as opiate dependency programs. Sharp’s comprehensive clinical team includes experienced nurses, certified psychiatrists, certified counselors, licensed therapists who treat patients with respect and sensitivity.

SHARP helps with Addiction Problems

SHARP center focuses on going beyond expectations to give patients and their families a solid strong foundation for recovery. A full range of substance abuse services include family education and counseling programs, arts for healing program, trained interventionists and continuation care aftercare programs. Evening recovery programs provide flexible treatment options and are run to accommodate people with full time jobs.

If you have any addiction problems and are searching for help, SHARP rehab in Johannesburg is only a phone call away.