SHARP Treatment addiction recovery success story – “When I arrived at SHARP, I had my doubts and did not believe that the programme would work for me. During my first group process, I confronted the clients and the counsellors, stating that I would not be part of the ‘cult’. In primary care, I eventually opened up and allowed myself to be vulnerable. This was the most liberating experience and I have embraced it fully. I never I could feel so much honesty, trust and happiness amongst the group and the staff. The road of self-discovery and the education around addiction has made me aware that I am not alone in this process. I now have self-worth and life skills, after 23 years of using. In aftercare, there was trauma.. but I knew that I could come back to SHARP. I received support, care and understanding the moment I opened up. For many years, my life was void, almost empty. Yet, through the process of addiction recovery at SHARP Treatment Centre, my life is meaningful again.’ (W.A-Female)- May 2013