The addictive personality boils down to the process of buying into empty and false promises, the false promise of emotional security and the promise of relief, the sense of fulfilment and the false sense of feeling on top of the world. An addictive personality, like other major illnesses, changes a person in permanent ways that is why recovery is a life long endeavour. It is important that addicts attend self help meetings and the 12 step program on a regular basis.

The logic of an addictive personality continuously looks for opportunities to reassert itself in one form or another. The addictive cycle is a process which continuously looks for relief from uncomfortable feelings. In other words addiction nurtures avoidance and seeks serenity through a thing, place or person. An addiction cycle is made up of 4 steps such as feeling the need to act out and then acting out to make them feel better. Pain and pain from acting out is included in the cycle.

Many people believe that once an addicted is in recovery they are safe from physiological changes. When an addict acts out they may feel very scared, shameful or very excited. Due to the intensity, addicts feel extremely connected to the moment and many believe it is a moment of intimacy; however, this is a false belief that is why recovery is a life long endeavour.

Recovering addicts have to temper with addictive urges their entire lives and form new addictions such as work projects, friendships and other such opportunities that will induce a trance effect in which they believe will relieve their restlessness that they experience on a day to day basis. A person’s addictive personality also provides illusions that an event or object can nurture them.

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Defining Addiction

Recovering addicts need to be surrounded by nurturing supportive relationships in order for them to grow spiritually and emotionally and learn healthy interdependencies. They need admit they are powerless of their addiction and that their lives are unmanageable. Once an addict understands why recovery is a life long endeavour they must learn to reach within and also be able to reach out and the act of giving and receiving as opposed to only an act of taking.