Coaching The Addictive Personality – The need for Recovery Wellness Coaching


Good morning all you guys out there  interested in addiction … if you are reading this because you have a family member that has a substance abuse problem …. ask yourself…am I addicted to the addict?.. I have started a recovery wellness programme a 21 day training that is aimed at recovery wellness for any one that has the addictive personality… Yes this is a plug to get people to attend the programme , but Im getting sick and tired of giving away my hard earned knowledge and expirance for the sence of doing good…. We at SHARP offer value … great value and that has been because of our collective experience, we have what the is known in the corporate world as “institutional knowledge .. This is what make us stand out from the rest, I see there is a rehab in Thailand DARA that has has now Trademarked “Integrated Behavioral Therapy™ (IBT)  and Steps to Recovery™”   the 12 Steps…!!!! lets sell GOD !!!!!!!! but hey that’s not my business… The Recovery Wellness programme  addresses the addictive personality… so when you stop the drugs or whatever your poison, its the personality that then picks up something else!!! Unless we know this and this has been bought into our consciousnesses and awareness we cant deal with it…  Remember that Addiction is a Systemic problem.. a Complex problem that needs to be dealt with on many levels … we achieve this through EDUCATION….hence our slogan Train , Empower, Treat…… after all SHARP does stand for Self Help Addiction Recovery Programme … and as ADULTS LEARNERS if we cant learn how to help ourselves then we have a problem. As adults we need to stop looking for the  cure, the best professional, the best rehab , the latest fix… but rather trust the people that we are employing as our TEACHERS, people that we can trust to TEACH us about ourselves and our addictive personalities whether that person is a doctor, psychiatrist, therapist, sponsor or even a recovery coach, its your responsibility to work with people that you trust!!!!!! usually they have insight to themselves and are honest at the core………….. hope this post hasn’t  wasted your time…. much love dislexic david…


P.S… it also important that all the professionals work together as well…. if one says that they are better than the other… beware….!!! you are your own best guide

The Addictive personality - SHARP Recovery Solutions

The Addictive personality – SHARP Recovery Solutions