In many cases, unfortunately, alcoholics need to hit rock bottom before they seek the help they need to recover from the diseases of alcoholism. If  you, or a person that is close to you, is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, SHARP Treatment is an addiction center that is based in the heart of Johannesburg, South Africa and is licensed with the Prevention and Treatment of Drug Dependency Act of 1992.

For many alcoholics, SHARP Treatment has become a rehab center that is different from all others;  it is able to offer a successful, worthwhile and unique alcoholics-coaching system. Alcoholics will discover that the treatment programme focuses on personal goals. Unlike other clinics or centers, we do not force alcoholics to dig up painful memories, but focus on one-on-one interaction – which has been able to lend a helping hand to thousands of alcoholics who are in recovery. When the treatment program has been completed, SHARP Treatment believes that the work and intensive therapy sessions are able to equip alcoholics with the tools and resources which they will rely on to fight the burden of alcohol abuse and live a healthier,  happier life  – free from the self-destructive force of alcoholism. Throughout the treatment programmes, the alcoholics are able to work together with their own personal recovery coach, and are encouraged to build up relationships with their coach who will serve as their mentor and guide during the recovery process.

To view the online SHARP Treatment video, feel free to visit our website,, and allow our professional counsellors the chance to help you on your journey to sobriety. The SHARP Treatment facility is able to provide primary and secondary care to alcoholics. The center is staffed by experienced counsellors who have many years of experience, as well as hands-on and first-hand knowledge on addictions and the effect that the addictions have had in the lives of those who are close to alcoholics.

Any addiction, be it alcoholism or drug abuse, not only affects the addict, but has long-lasting effects on the entire family unit.  For this reason, SHARP Treatment provides the alcoholic’s family with the chance to express their concerns and fears and become involved in the journey that each alcoholic must make to sobriety.

The treatments that are offered to alcoholics during their stay at the SHARP Treatment, include: regular individual therapy; daily group therapy; leisure activities; a wellbeing program, such as swimming and tennis; and medical and psychiatric support staff who will provide alcoholics with access to continued support, both during treatment, as well as post-treatment help. SHARP Treatment offers the guarantee of success. Our facilities are clean and the atmosphere is nurturing and caring, vital for an alcoholic, as it gives them the chance to feel safe and secure during recovery.