SHARP Recovery Solutions - Substance Abuse Treatment covered by Medical Aids

SHARP Recovery Solutions –
Substance Abuse Treatment covered by Medical Aids

In most cases, alcoholism is not a choice, but those who are dependant on alcohol need to seek the help, support and ongoing assistance they need to beat alcoholism.

The SHARP Treatment Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa is not a regular, run-of-the-mill alcohol-rehab centre. Its focus is not on forcing those dealing with alcoholism to face their past, but rather on the new beginning that each day brings.

The SHARP Treatment Centre offers a 13-week inpatient and residential program that is centered on alcoholism and drug addiction, as well as an eight-week outpatient programme, which includes daily group therapy and regular individual therapy sessions. 12 Step meetings are used throughout the programme, and those who are affected by alcoholism will be able to receive both the medical and psychiatric support that is needed to overcome the disease. Since alcoholism is not a stand-alone problem, the SHARP Treatment Centre offers programmes to help loved ones who have been affected by alcoholism and alcohol abuse.

Feel free to view the on-line SHARP treatment video on our website,  and find out more about our intensive and successful alcoholism-treatment programme. Our trained, experienced and professional counsellors can lend a hand and offer expertise on your journey to sobriety. Many of our counsellors have battled with alcoholism themselves and understand the difficult choices which need to be made to beat the battle. The facility is able to provide primary as well as secondary care and has assisted thousands of residents to fight the battle and be victorious.

The founder of the SHARP Treatment Centre, David Collins, started SHARP Treatment with the aim of developing an alcoholismcentre, which, unlike many other rehab centres, offers a welcoming and nurturing atmosphere. The Centre is equipped to make residents feel at ease and has vast resources to assist the alcoholic to fight their addiction. There are many leisure activities, such as swimming, tennis and a sauna, wellbeing programmes and medical and psychiatric support. SHARP Treatment also offers post-treatment counselling, educational workshops, relaxation techniques as well as practical, personal spirituality. Find out how you or a loved one can conquer alcoholism with the support of SHARP Treatment. Visit our website and get the help that is needed to conquer alcoholism on day at a time.