The admission and assessment process is as follows:

  • Free personal assessment with one of the professional team to assist with programme recommendations.
  • Following an assessment, our team will prepare the patient for their stay in the clinic.
  • The team will take care of medical aid authorisations.
  • Clients are admitted and seen by a doctor for admission and detox purposes.
  • After admission clients are orientated onto their programme so that they can begin their recovery work at the clinic.

We would like to invite you to visit us for a free assessment or to view the clinic prior to admission to help make your treatment decision.

For more information about assessments or to book a time, please

CALL (010)900-3131


We work closely with the family, support network and within any existing therapeutic and medical relationships that they may have, to ensure that there is a continuum of care for the patient.

We do recommend that you contact your medical aid prior to admission so that you understand the benefits that your plan includes.

The Foundation Clinic caters for 24 inpatients because we believe that each individual has unique treatment and recovery needs and resources.

Clients can be admitted for inpatient treatment and there is also the choice of an outpatient programme and individual counselling, therapy and coaching.

The ethos of the Foundation Clinic is to develop a caring, honest relationship with each of our clients to best assist and support them through their treatment and ongoing recovery process.

Please remember to bring:

  • Identification Document
  • Medical Aid Card (if applicable)
  • All prescribed medication
  • Information regarding medical history
  • Payment for patient management fee (we accept cash, EFT and credit card)
  • Cash for cafe (snacks, drinks, cigarettes, etc)
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Modest swimming costume
  • Personal toiletries and towels
  • Extra warm blanket (if weather is cold)
  • Reading material
  • MP3 Player (Cell phones are not permitted to listen to music)