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Now that I’ve stopped…how do I stay stopped!?

I meet so many people who have stopped!  Stopped drinking..stopped using drugs…stopped addictive behaviour…and they truly want to stay there.  But there is a vast divide, the Grand Canyon of good intentions, that separates wanting and doing.  I want to live a fulfilled and purposeful life, is a far cry from attaining that life.  It’s […]

What Do I Choose!?

This post was originally published on my personal blog: www.sobersomething.com, but I wanted to share it with The SHARP Followers.  Enjoy the post and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments. Sometimes life is extremely challenging and there are times when it’s particularly difficult not to curl up in a ball […]


Black Widow | Part 5 – Numb| By Taryn

Okay…ENOUGH!!…of the bullshit fairy tale…ENOUGH of the “James Bond chick”…that ended. Anger, wrath & bitterness grew within me toward ‘Black Widow’ Slot/Slut machine. I somehow needed vengeance. SHE had not only STOLEN my money, she had also broken my F****NG toe. Any bit of logic I had at that time…was NOT!! Midnight became the hour […]

Black Widow | Part 4 – Venom | By Taryn

After that night, I never waited for *Brouke or anyone else to suggest going to the casino … why would I want someone hanging over my shoulder; breathing down neck anyway. As her ‘venom’ began pulsing through my veins, my every thought was consumed by the urgency to see her again…and again…and again. With only […]

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The Foundation | Recovery Wellness (Outpatient) Programme

The Recovery Wellness Programne is 21-day programme that focuses on spirit, body and mind.  It is an adult education, peer support and coaching program that develops the survivor while acknowledging the victim and helps individuals to develop #RecoveryCapital and live a fulfilled and purposeful life. The program is forward-focused and solutions-driven and utilises practical coaching tools and techniques […]

Black Widow | PArt III – The Bite | By Taryn

Screeching, “YES!!” before *Brouke even had a chance to finish the word, ‘Casino’, I immediately had a pulse rate of 200bmp. I had butterflies in my stomach that can only be compared to when I leaped myself off of ‘Victoria Falls Bridge’ with only an elastic band around my ankles. It was like a second […]