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The Foundation | Recovery Wellness (Outpatient) Programme

The Recovery Wellness Programne is 21-day programme that focuses on spirit, body and mind.  It is an adult education, peer support and coaching program that develops the survivor while acknowledging the victim and helps individuals to develop #RecoveryCapital and live a fulfilled and purposeful life. The program is forward-focused and solutions-driven and utilises practical coaching tools and techniques […]

Black Widow | PArt III – The Bite | By Taryn

Screeching, “YES!!” before *Brouke even had a chance to finish the word, ‘Casino’, I immediately had a pulse rate of 200bmp. I had butterflies in my stomach that can only be compared to when I leaped myself off of ‘Victoria Falls Bridge’ with only an elastic band around my ankles. It was like a second […]

Black Widow – Tangled | Part II | By Taryn

How was it possible that MY ‘Casino Royale’ 007 Bond girl whom I had created a few hours ago, was right there, those piercing eyes looking at ME…looking at HER? Okay, I know that to anyone else she was just an image on a slot machine but not to me.  It was HER, my 007 […]

The Power of Women | Lisa Ann Catano

The Power of Women Why do so many women try to change things: situations, other people, primarily their partners or spouses?  Perhaps we have forgotten who we are? There is a Native American legend of the goddess of corn and maize known as Onatah.  Onatah is symbolic of life, transformation and fertility. The Navaho name […]


Black Widow | Part 1 – The Web | By Taryn

It was an ordinary day for me that particular day, until a good friend of mine phoned me excited that he had just sold his car & for a higher price he had purchased it for…and he had cash…lots of it…a celebration was in order! I am naturally adventurous & have often ventured out on […]


What is #RecoveryCapital?

As a person in long-term recovery as well as a coach that works with individuals and groups around substance abuse and addictive behaviour disorders, I sometimes find the amount of ideas, thought, theories and models around addiction and recovery somewhat confusing!?  And the thing that I find the most overwhelming is that there seems to […]


Pursuing Purpose | By Zanny Collings

He died, after years of depression, drug abuse and multiple suicide attempts…he died. The last attempt was successful.  How my heart bled for a chance to see him again.  To hear his voice and to see him smile, but all that gripped my heart was the memory of the deep sadness in his eyes.  My […]