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Our Books

Books THE SELF-ESTEEM COMPANION, Matthew McKay (Review by Anastasia) This book gives you little exercises you can do to help build your self-esteem. For example there’s something called the ‘Five Finger Exercise’ which you can use on a gloomy day. For each finger you think back to your past to a time when you felt […]

Surfing Site

Surfing Site This is the link to a website for the Alcohol and Drugs History Society. It’s an incredible resource including articles written on alcohol and drugs from all around the world. This is an excerpt from the site: Try swapping cocaine for cooking According to Ireland Online, 24 star Kiefer Sutherland is hooked on […]

Our Inspiration

Inspiration Finding new ways to express our worth Addiction is a spiritual disease that attacks the addict on every level. Clients are therefore encouraged to become involved in various other activities and explore other interests in order to establish an identity outside of the drug or addict culture. These essential activities help clients acquire a […]


Finding your way The aim of SHARP is to give clients the necessary skills to live happy and productive lives in the community. In order to facilitate the transition from institution to normal living, clients are allowed to leave the Centre for several hours a week. During this time out they are required to establish connections with […]


The importance of relaxation and exercise Long-term addiction affects physical health, fitness and general wellbeing, so physical activity and wellbeing exercises are another key focus of the SHARP programme. A thirty minute exercise period is provided every morning. At SHARP we try include a variety of interesting wellbeing activities – such as meditation, yoga and […]

Staying in Touch

Sustaining the change and maintaining our recovery To maintain a lasting and meaningful recovery it is essential that clients attend an aftercare programme. Once clients return to their home environment it can be very challenging to sustain the changes that have been made in treatment. Regular contact with treatment staff or self-help groups can help facilitate […]

Family Matters

Taking recovery to the rest of the family SHARP Treatment Centre recognises addiction as a family or systems disease and every effort is made to include the family in treatment. Counsellors will provide families with weekly updates and families are asked to attend conferences with treatment staff. In addition, SHARP facilitates regular family days, allowing […]


Learning more about ourselves and our recovery It is essential to have an in-depth understanding of the process of addiction as well as the process of recovery in order to maintain recovery. Clients attend a morning lecture every day and three afternoon workshops per week. In these sessions a wide range of topics are covered […]

Group Therapy

Compassion and empathy in an environment of respect and acceptance Group therapy is widely recognised as a successful method of therapy wherein clients can share their addictions, allowing them to better deal with them. Group therapy takes place every morning and the focus of these sessions is to identify and process any issues that may […]


The SHARP Treatment Centre is based on the Minnesota Model of treatment and uses the 12 Step programme of Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous as its foundation. The emphasis is on the development of responsibility and self-awareness and clients are encouraged to begin to learn to live in the community in a manageable and constructive way. The […]