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Are You Living the Life You Imagined!?

Sometimes there is a question during a coaching session that really resonates with me.  Powerful questions that leave you with a strange sense of discomfort, mulling over them for ages…looking into the deep recesses of your conscious and unconscious mind to find the answer!  My colleague, David Collins, asked just such a question last week and […]


Addiction Trauma

In the trauma, anger and self esteem sessions we create a container where safety, comfort, honesty and fun are first and foremost. Once this is established it is a lot easier to look at and slow down the more difficult thoughts, emotions and body sensations that got us into and keep us in active addiction. […]

What is recovery? Dr Michael Niss talks about recovery.

“The measure of recovery cannot be counting days of sobriety alone. It has to be more! “ Its recovery, recovery and more recovery – that is the central issue of most treatment facilities. Yet, the more I think about it, the more complex the issue becomes as we all know that the outcome of treatment […]