It was an ordinary day for me that particular day, until a good friend of mine phoned me excited that he had just sold his car & for a higher price he had purchased it for…and he had cash…lots of it…a celebration was in order!

I am naturally adventurous & have often ventured out on my own, not prepared to miss out on something because my friends didn’t share the same interest. As an example, I love amusement parks, roller coasters…any ride…the scarier the better & when hearing a new ride I had not yet experienced had opened…I drove out on my own to the amusement.  I think I rode the rollercoaster three times and loved every moment.

So, when my friend *Brouk suggested we go have some fun at the casino (at his expense) I was definitely up for an adventure.  I then imagined it to be an evening something like a James Bond 007 ‘Casino Royale’ kind of vibe.

Until that evening, at 37 years old, a casino had been a part of my peripheral vision, a place I might have passed on route to where I was actually going, so this was going to be a whole new amusement ride for me.

To contribute to the theme I had chosen for the evening, that being the whole James Bond feel, I created a character, a gorgeous woman whom I imagined to be waiting somewhere in the casino, unaware of why she was there herself but once I walked in & we made I contact, she would know.

HA HA! Creating her was lots of fun! Her hair was black & cropped in a jagged severe bob, she was feminine but her body defined. She was sexy and sensuous & one look into the depth of her green eyes would have you spellbound.

*Brouke gave me some money as we arrived, we made a meeting point for later and I went looking for this mystery woman…all just part of my amusement.  I walked around but no one fitted her description and the game was over, until I looked up and was locked into the most intense green eyes I had ever seen & immediately I was drawn to her.  She was EVERYTHING I had imagined; her hair, her mouth, those eyes…EVERYTHING except that she wasn’t human!?

She was a SLOT MACHINE and her name was ‘BLACK WIDOW’!  And the game was not over, it had JUST begun.

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