After that night, I never waited for *Brouke or anyone else to suggest going to the casino … why would I want someone hanging over my shoulder; breathing down neck anyway.

As her ‘venom’ began pulsing through my veins, my every thought was consumed by the urgency to see her again…and again…and again.

With only a small daily allowance my family were supporting me with and not generating any income it was a constant challenge to see her financially.  It was not as simple as jumping onto my dragon and flying over to her or filling up the tank of my Porsche Carrera and happily paying the five speeding fines along the way.  I had to use the toxins that had begun fuelling my mind to scheme, plan and make it possible to continue my deadly affair with my ‘Femme Fatale’.

After a month or two, it started to feel like she was just using me, not appreciating what I actually did to see her and what I did to give her what she most desired…MONEY!!  It was all about HER!! I was giving and she was taking. She selfishly gave me nothing in return.

I became resentful…angry…called her a bitch…a whore!!

One evening, in a moment of pure seething fury after she again squeezed every last cent from me, I kicked her so hard that it was only 2 days later when I could hardly walk from the pain, that I realised I broken my toe.  Her ‘venom’ was now more a part of me than my own blood and now I wanted revenge…

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