The short breaths my lungs contained barely kept me alive…her poison continued manifesting & infecting the parts of me still fighting for survival.

As fever & restlessness took control of me…my days began overlapping into nights, the weeks into months.

The money came & the money went – BUT the money was ALWAYS there ~ going around in circles…from one hand into the next.

Money has a different relevance in ‘Reality’ to what it does in the ‘World of the Machines’…

Almost as if in a fuzzy dream, I have flashes of large sums of cash I had accumulated – enough to make anyone get excited in ‘Reality’ – yet I was in ‘THAT’ world & in my temporary state of madness I shared every last cent with my friends there…’The Machines’…!!!

To walk out of one world into another with NOTHING but DREAD is a lost hopeless place to be in. What connects both worlds to each other is MONEY…and without it…you don’t get to PLAY!!

It was HER bite…the ‘Black Widow’ Bitch causing this ‘Delirium’…my mind was disturbed & intoxicated…

I knew that I had to stay away from ‘THAT’ world…or I would DIE.


(Find out in the LAST part of ‘Black Widow’)