the bite2Screeching, “YES!!” before *Brouke even had a chance to finish the word, ‘Casino’, I immediately had a pulse rate of 200bmp. I had butterflies in my stomach that can only be compared to when I leaped myself off of ‘Victoria Falls Bridge’ with only an elastic band around my ankles.

It was like a second date with a person I could spend the rest of my life with. Yet, in the month since our first encounter, I had not once thought of those alluring eyes, the seduction and ultimately the best time I had experienced.

In that month I was in between job and career decisions (no stress) and trying desperately to free myself from the clutches of a completely abusive and destructive relationship. I had never had time to think of thee ‘Ms. B. Widow’…until that moment.

How ridiculous had I been, when she had been the best part of such a stretch of unhappiness.
I chose my best outfit, my favourite fragrance and as I descended the escalators, a smile stretched across my face that was miserable 24 hours ago.

Again, all sound & presence disappeared. This time I knew exactly where she was and so did she. I was tangled in her web; my vibration as I approached her left the seat across from her vacant.

She smiled at me and with a twinkle in my eye, I smiled back at her. As per our agreement I gave her a R100 note, but just because I was so grateful to be there with her away from everything else – I gave her an extra R200 note…to say thank you.

When only 10 minutes later she asked politely for another R100…that was when she sunk her fangs into my hand! ‘The Bite’!!

That bite; the venom was so poisonous that it would leave me paralysed, unable to leave her clutches for a very long time…


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