How was it possible that MY ‘Casino Royale’ 007 Bond girl whom I had created a few hours ago, was right there, those piercing eyes looking at ME…looking at HER?

Okay, I know that to anyone else she was just an image on a slot machine but not to me.  It was HER, my 007 chick & even her name sounded like one of the Bond girls! Remember “Dominique Domino”, “Honey Rider” & “Chew Mee”!? Well now fitting perfectly here was “Black Widow”.

This was definitely not a CHANCE meeting it was a predestined that I be at this particular casino, at this specific slot machine.

Maybe I was the one who was supposed to hit the jackpot which is exactly why the seat across from her is empty!? YES!  That’s it! That’s why I am here!!

And so it was, I sat down, apologised for keeping her waiting, gave her my first R100…and that was the beginning of our relationship.

At some point all sound or presence around me seemed to dissolve, as did any concept of time. I had even forgotten my friend *Brouke until he suddenly appeared handing me a handful of cash before wandered back to the table to join his old buddy “Blackjack”.

Ha! Ha! How funny…my NEW friend was “Black Widow” and his “OLD” friend was “Blackjack”.  I only realised now they both have the same first name; they must be related somehow.

The reason I was there was to have fun and I really did! I remember driving home at 5am the next morning, exhilarated and energised by this fabulous experience I would always look back on.

It was over month later when *Brouke called again suggesting we hit the casino, and it all came back…her eyes; the excitement…

What I DIDN’T know then was that I was already caught in her web…I was already her victim…

I was already ‘TANGLED‘!!!

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