Diet Pills are Addictive and Dangerous

Diet pills can be either prescribed pharmaceutical drugs or over the counter herbal supplements that are used to control or reduce weight.   Besides diet supplements altering the body’s appetite, absorbing fat and speeding up the metabolism,…

Get Back on Track - Anger Management Therapy

Anger often leads to stress and stress increases anger and the only way to start taking control of your life is anger management therapy. Anger reaps havoc in people’s lives especially those with dependencies that are unable to get a grip…

Stress Relief - Aromatherapy Oils Make you Feel Good

Stress can cause one to become seriously ill and by taking small steps you can combat stress. Aromatherapy oils can provide stress relief and make you feel good as these oils are produced from plant materials that have been distilled. The two…

Mood Boosting Foods to Help You Feel Better

Mood boosting foods will help you feel better and will prevent the highs and lows from too much refined foods and sugars. If you are feeling irritable and depressed you need to take a look at the drinks and foods you are eating which could…

Natural Supplements an Alternative to Anti Depressants

Natural supplements are a great alternative to anti depressants. Depression is a mood disorder where a person will experience lack of enthusiasm in day to day activities, or feel irritable or sad. Depending on the severity of depression, some…

Understand Addiction - A Scientific View

It is important for one to understand addiction and how addiction manifests in your life. Have you ever stopped to think about substances like alcohol, tobacco or drugs that draw people back time and again, even in spite of them knowing how…

Why People Become Addicted to Drugs and Alcohol - SHARP

There is a fine line between abuse and being addicted to drugs or alcohol. On the one hand, abuse is when a person uses a drug or alcohol but has the capacity or ability to stop. Abusers will continue to use drugs and alcohol even though they…

Addiction is an Illness

People often forget or are under the misapprehension that addiction has to do with the drug. They think that if only their loved one didn’t use crack cocaine, heroin, drink scotch or any other drug of choice, it would in some way fix the problem. Addiction…

What is Rehab all About?

busiSHARP stands for Self Help Addiction Recovery Programme. We offer a three-month programme for the rehabilitation of people suffering from addiction. This is any kind of addiction; from alcohol to drugs and even sex. When we talk about drugs we mean: cocaine, heroin, marijuana, crystal meth and prescribed medications such as tranquilizers, painkillers and sleeping tablets, otherwise known as benzodiazepines.

The three month programme (in-patient) is broken down into Primary, Secondary and Tertiary (halfway house), each for a period of 28 days. During this period the client receives: one-on-one therapy with a social worker; step-work counselling with a counsellor who is in recovery ( up to ten years clean or more); recovery coaching; trauma counselling with a clinical psychologist; daily attendance of NA/AA meetings; workshops and lectures; monthly excursions such as hikes; music therapy; arts and crafts and gardening.

Moving into Recovery - One Skill at a Time

mystory*Jasmine is recovering from an addiction to sleeping pills. Here she talks about a year of recovery and her recent relapse.

“I am not an everyday drug user; I use sleeping tablets every three to nine months. I use to escape feelings I don’t like. I take two and then take the rest - I usually can’t remember much after that.