It is still poorly understood why some people and not others develop a sex addiction. Researchers have stated that it may be due to brain changes and other biochemical abnormalities which increase the risk. Some people have been treated effectively with psychotropic and antidepressant medications, which suggest biochemical and brain changes are prevalent.

Studies have also revealed that drug abuse, food and sexual addiction share a common link with the brains reward and survival systems. The brain relays a message telling the addict that having illicit sex is good, the same way the brain tells others when they are hungry that food is good. The brain translates a sex addict’s preoccupation with sex and the dissociation of other interests despite the failed attempts to terminate their sexual behaviour and consequences.

The addicted brain fools the body by releasing intense biochemical rewards for self destructive behaviour that results in intelligent, competent people to be side tracked by sex and drugs. Those addicted to sex get a high and sense of euphoria from sex which goes beyond the norm. Addicts use sex to avoid unpleasant feelings, to respond to extreme stresses and problems and have nothing to do with intimacy.

Any reward gained from a sexual experience soon gives way to remorse, promises of change and guilt. Studies have revealed that sex addicts are ore likely to have been abused and often come from dysfunctional families. There were 82% of sex addicts in one study that reported that they had been sexually abused during their childhood. Studies also revealed that 80% of recovering sex addicts reported substance or drug abuse or both.

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Sex Addiction Has Consequences

People with sex addiction frequently engage in more sex and with many partners than intended, even though they may a strong desire to quit. Such frequency of sex can lead to prostitution or visits to prostitutes and can also spend hour’s online visiting pornographic sites. There are rehabilitation programs that can effectively help people with sex addictions, whereby they can once again lead normal lifestyles once rehabilitated.