Cleaning up the Rehab Industry


So many addicts , so much suffering…. lets make money


Morning all, as some of you might know and actually be reading my blogs ( which i cant believe and secretly feel proud of) I have been trying to get to start ranking on the search engines…again!!!. I didnt expect anyone to actually start reading this stuff but  its quite fun in a way and feeds into my ….. well im not to sure what .. but i think its healing some part of me.. I am after all a bleeding heart dislexic co-dependant do gooder. Anyway, as I  crawl the web and I see the other rehabs names appear above or below our ranking for key words like : substance abuse treatment – or drug rehab  I cane across  ( oh btw here is the link of what we created back in 2009 when this seo stuff really started in SA … yes we were the first again talking about this… if you don’t believe me ask Maon..) this search engine result.

drug rehab johannesburg   Google Search


you will see from the search engin results that there are a number of rehabs all over the area… i doubt they all  exist because all the website content is the same and  all point to the same cell number and couldnt help thinking about some desperate family member trying to get help for their loved ones, on closer investigation I noticed a link at the bottom of the page to NA a 12 step fellowship  which im sure the 2 readers of my blog would have heard about. The trouble is every tom dick and junkie comes to rehab , goes to meetings and then wants to open a rehab. This hovever moves away from the 12 step work that we are ment to do (you only keep what you have by giving it away etc etc ), and dumping someone in rehab, ineffect abdicating from the 12 step process and im sure getting a commision for the work. Originally 12 step work gets paid for via spritual grattitude.. I come and help your sorry arse to save my sorry arse.

One of the reasons I am activaly changing the culture of the rehab industry from a disease concep to a wellness concept is that I always feltl bad for the familys that suffer as a result of the substance abuser, deep in my heart it just feels wrong to try and strong arm someone into treatment and to get the family to pay for it. To tackle this at SHARP (Self Help Addiction Recovery Programme) we have put the following guidlines in place.

1: We only charge medical aid rates ( No self payment gap for the families )

2: We will pay a commission to a referral agent provided the following:

a: That the family doesnt get charged a fee in anyway

b: the commision comes from the cost of the “hospital bed” so we dont pay commission for the social worker fees, the Dr fees , the Psychologists fees or the psychiatrists fees. so in effect we are a hotel paying commision to travel agents.

c: we will only pay the refere once the medical aid has paid us

d: and most iimportantly that the  referral agent has some kind of training within the field of substance abuse.


My suggestion is if you want to get help, rather speak to a recovery coach first…. and you can do that for no cost if you are prepared to speak to one of our trainee recovery coaches that need to work community hours as part of their practical training check out for more information.


Finally, im not trying to slag anyone off my intention is to put the facts down and to give the client and their family’s the space to make an informed choice.


much love

dislexic david