Recovery Coaching around Substance Abuse

It’s your life- do you really need substance abuse treatment?

There’s only one person who really knows what you need in your life to move on from your addiction or substance abuse treatment  , and that’s you. Coaching helps you take your power back so that you can take full charge of yourself and your recovery. Your coach is simply there to motivate you, to support you, and to teach you techniques that will help you get beyond your cravings, addictive impulses and troubled-thinking patterns. You’re in the driving seat, but your coach is beside you, with every challenge you face along the way.

The coaching session isnt just about addiction or substance abuse treatment

Each coaching session lasts between 60 to 90 minutes and the core conversation could be around addiction or substance abuse treatment, but not always.
During coaching you will spend some time exploring addiction and what your triggers are, however, the coaching sessions are mostly geared toward teaching present-moment awareness. By learning to always bring ourselves to the present we are able to still our minds and let go of addictive thinking. It gives us the space to manage powerful feelings of anxiety, fear, guilt, loss, anger, sadness and even boredom. Feelings which often lead to our addictive behaviours in the first place. This transformation practice has brought people a sense of peace and fulfillment never experienced before.

Stop thinking and start living – move past addiction and substance abuse treatment

Present moment awareness has helped many people overcome their addictions or substance abuse treatment problems and transform their lives. Basically it’s a state of acute alertness, which helps you stop thinking. And this is a very effective way of managing cravings. While cravings can be physical, a lot of the problem is what goes on in your head, thoughts along the lines of “just one won’t make a difference” or “I don’t have a problem” and so on. When you learn to stop thinking, you quickly discover how much of your thinking actually hurts you. Thoughts about the past can bring up powerful feelings of shame, loss, anger and so on. And thinking about the future can create anxiety. Very often these feelings drive addictive behaviour. Learning to be more present helps to release use from negative thinking and painful feelings. Present momemt awareness is also about gaining appreciation of the ordinary things. Gradually and with practice, your life will become rich and full of ordinary things, like being with people you care about, being in nature, enjoying good food, and a million other things that are there for the taking when we are open to the moment. You may even find that these “ordinary” things provide the high that you’ve been looking for all along. This unfortunately isn’t always the case while you are in for addiction or substance abuse treatment