No addict will merely recover from addiction by simple stopping the use of drugs or alcohol. It is far easier to recover when you start creating a new life. If you do not create a new life, then all the factors that lead you to addiction in the first place will eventually catch up with you again after recovery. You need to look at the behaviours and things that lead you to taking substances, and only when you let them go will you be on the road to full recovery.

By holding onto your old life patterns, you stand very little chance that you will fully recover from addiction. In order to achieve recovery you need to avoid high risk situations after a tough day at work especially that include anger, loneliness, tiredness and hunger. Usually at the end of the day this is when the strongest cravings occur and this is where you need to divert your energy into something positive like a hobby.

If you really want to recover from addiction then you have to avoid past friends who you used hang out with or who encouraged you to use substances directly or indirectly. Avoid the places where you used to obtain your alcohol or drugs and also avoid the things that remind you of using substances. However, you will not always be able to avoid high risk situations, but by being aware, you can prevent them and any cravings from turning into using again.

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Focus on You

Take good care of your appearance and eat healthy well balanced meals at least three times a day to avoid hunger. Join a 12 step group which will help you let go of your resentments and anger. Develop good sleeping patterns so that you are less tired during the day. Changing your life during recovery is not about making a big change all at once, it is about making a series of little changes.

Make a list of high risk situations and keep it on you, that way you won’t find yourself unexpectedly in an awkward situation, and may save your life.  Substance abuse is mostly used as a reward, escape and to help you relax. You need to create ways to relax such as playing sport, doing art as these are essential skills will help you cope and lead to a happier healthier lifestyle. Tension, stress and the inability to relax are the most common causes of relapse and hamper your ability to fully recover from addiction.