Diet pills can be either prescribed pharmaceutical drugs or over the counter herbal supplements that are used to control or reduce weight.   Besides diet supplements altering the body’s appetite, absorbing fat and speeding up the metabolism, diet pills are addictive and dangerous. These supplements are usually taken as a quick fix for overweight or obesity issues. They are also a favourite drug for teenagers that believe they are overweight and are also used to stay awake while studying.

Diet pills are also abused by people suffering from body dysmorphia, anorexia or bulimia which in turn contribute to poor physical and mental health. These dietary supplements cause serious side effects such as irregular heart beat, anxiety, stomach cramps, mood swings, exhaustion, chest pains and insomnia. When taken in excess individuals will experience severe headaches, vomiting, hallucinations, blurred vision and seizures.

Addicts that abuse diet pills can experience extreme negative physical side effects. Diet pills are addictive and dangerous to a persons well being and mental health. Such drugs are amphetamine based which have a high misuse and addiction rate. Some amphetamines are a cheaper alternative to other illegal drugs such as cocaine or heroin. These type of drugs releases chemicals into the brain which reduce the hunger sensation.

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Beware of Dangerous Effects

Amphetamines can also increase energy levels and give the person more stamina and motivation. Addicts in particular will experience excessive weight loss and euphoria. Amphetamines are usually mixed with other illegal substances such as alcohol, crushed and smoked and in some instances can be injected. After taking diet pills for a period of time the body starts building up a tolerance.

Once tolerance has built up, dependency sets in, once a person tries to stop taking the drug, it can be a long difficult addiction and the person will experience very painful withdrawal symptoms. Diet pills are addictive and dangerous, and may cause the person to become depressed, paranoid, have memory loss and become anxious. Abuse of amphetamines can also cause blackouts. People that are addicted to diet pills require help and proper rehabilitation.