Diskexia Causes Addiction!!!???

The best bit of buisness advice I received last year was from a friend of mine Marc Loon and he said ” Dont do buisness with someone you wouldn’t want to sit down and have lunch with!!” and I have been following that advice for the past year as I follow my core belief that we need to be something differently within the substance abuse treatment world. I was sitting in a meeting tonight with my new business partner, a sucessful night club owner who, has seen the light when it comes to recovery wellness. You might think that it would be a unlikley buisness partner, but if you stop and think about it for a second, would you stop someone that was a baker running a diabetes clinic. Selling chocolate cakes for a living and then wanted to make a differance in the world by getting involved in something that will change the current perspective on addiction treatment. I have been banning this drum since 2007 when I first became a certified executive coach and during that training realised how beneficial coaching would be for the addiction world.  Then moving on to do a masters in business and executive coaching at wits i am even more convinced. The world is waking up to recovery coaching and unfortunately we always look to the States and the UK to see what is happening there before we embrace something here as gospel. What great about Malcolm is that he is dyslexic  as well and that has given him the ability to look at the world through different eyes enabling him to spot opportunity where others fail. This is not unheard of many successful business owners are starting to speak about their learning challenges within the schooling environment and how in spite of that have risen to the occasion. Unfortunately, there is a lot of shame that I carry with this challenge and my youngest son Luca has just been taken out of main stream school and placed into remeidal school. (his first day starts tomorow) I still carry the shame of failing std 3 and std 9 and had the belief that I was stupid for many years…..


Te truth is a big part of substance abuse treatment is breaking down the beliefs that someone has about themselves… Being stupid is one of them… I have NEVER in the over 1500 people we have treated at SHARP come across a stupid ADDICT, what I have come across is people that have always felt different and NOT A PART OF THE MAIN STREAM….. that my friends is one of the causes of addiction!!!!! and unless we start to embrace the diferent learning styles that children have we will still be creating ADDICTS….. remember Addiction starts with ADD….. so if you a concerned parent embrace your child learning style and relax… If they become addicted they will be wonderful intelligent people that will be resourceful, entrapural  and dam right cleaver……. even though they might not be able to spell..if you are looking for a recovery coach that has no 12 step orientation please contact Leigh-Anne at www.recoverycoachingsa.com

Recovery Coaching is about wellness and as the treatment culture of SHARP changes so will the industry follow. The current model is unsustainable, expensive and in a lot of cases discriminating and cult like…I cant help thinking that there is a benifit in keeping people sick… as we move away from the moral issue ( jailing people) to the medical model (treating people) we are moving to the wellness model….

anyway im back to my TV now… have a great night, love you all dislexic David xx