Dr Michael Niss – 21 Day Residential Programme

“…it’s not the model of care which is important but rather the practice of care.” Dr Michael Niss




Residential Treatment program at SHARP offers either Detox or a 21 day programme in which patients are exposed to a safe, secure facility in which intensive programs are designed to facilitate recovery from addictions.  Patents who just require detoxification services, often go on to attend the residential daily drug and alcohol program and benefit from learning how to stay in recovery after detox.

Residential treatment at SHARP is an ideal setting for patients who have either unsuccessfully attempted to deal with addictions while remaining in their environment, or for whom outpatient  treatment or the recovery wellness programme did not offer sufficient support and structure to deal with their addiction.

The level of care needed for each individual is determined by an assessment, taking into account the personal circumstances, support systems and personal motivation.

Once the patient has voluntary agreed that residential treatment is the best level of care, SHARP will offer an intensive daily program in a supportive environment in which family involvement is encouraged.


The cornerstone of SHARP Recovery Centre is based on a combination of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Addiction Counselling.  This deals with addiction in a focused manner, to equip patients with the knowledge and power to make the life changes needed to remain sober.   In order to do so, one needs to identify and learn skills to make the necessary changes on a behaviour, emotional and thinking level.  At SHARP, the approach is very much dominated by the knowledge that without these changes, arresting addiction is not sufficient, but the follow through of learning how to remain abstinent is critical to recovery.

At SHARP, this takes place within group and individual sessions by following a daily program that focuses on;

  1. The encounter.
    • Facing up to what addiction means and how it impacts your life
  2. Relapse prevention
    • Learning what triggers relapse and how to prevent triggers.
  3. Building life and coping skills.
    • Developing the necessary skills to live a sober life style.

All this takes place in a therapeutic environment in which patients support each other through encouragement empathy and shared experiences.  Staff at SHARP consists of Medical and Nursing personal, Clinical Psychologist, Social Worker, Addiction Counsellors , Recovery Coaches as well as consulting psychiatrists. A truly multidisciplinary professional and experienced team.

The unique approach at SHARP takes into account best practice in addiction treatment with compassionate care, giving each patient the benefit from what structured treatment and self-help treatments offers, while not being bound by one model of treatment.

“…it’s not the model of care which is important but rather the practice of care” Dr Michael Niss

Once residential treatment is completed, SHARP offers continued aftercare with Recovery Coaching eithe in the form of group peer support as well as individualised one on one sessions.   Research has demonstrated that aftercare is without doubt an important part of treatment and the initial intensive program is only part of the journey.