When an expectant mother has a drug and alcohol addiction and she falls pregnant, then during her pre-natal period it is extremely dangerous for the baby and can result in developmental problems long term. There are many over the counter drugs such as cough syrups, pain killers and amphetamines that can cause harmful effects and more potent harmful addictive drugs can cause defects even death. Certain medication can be taken if taken under the advice and care of a professional.


Pregnant women with a drug and alcohol addiction and are addicts to meth and or alcohol for example, should seek help immediately for their addiction or you may lose the pregnancy. If the mother manages to carry the pregnancy through, the chances are the baby will be born prematurely or be a very high risk birth where the baby is born with serious disabilities. Such complication can include a stillbirth, foetal alcohol syndrome, mental retardation, various deformities that include facial and organ defects and other.


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Don’t Drink When You Are Pregnant

Long term developmental damage can result from excessive alcohol intake which will leave the baby incapable and disabled from ever having a normal life. For example, smoking marijuana when pregnant minimizes the baby’s oxygen levels which will result in behavioural and learning issues and a low birth weight. LSD and PCP causes poor muscle control as well as brain damage to the foetus.


If a mother takes heroin during pregnancy the child will be born with severe heroin withdrawal symptoms and may also present with joint stiffness, fever, diarrhoea and convulsions. In most instances the baby does not make it to term. Cocaine can cause physical deformities of the kidneys and genitals and affects brain development. Meth addictions block off oxygen to the baby and can lead to premature or still births.


Drug and alcohol Addiction can be devastating not only to the user but to the baby. No matter what the circumstances, there are rehabilitation centres such as SHARP that can assist pregnant mothers and their family. Addicts that have been long term users and fall pregnant put their baby and themselves at high risk. If you are using substances and you are pregnant seek help from professionals immediately.