SHARP Recovery Solutions - Substance Abuse Treatment covered by Medical Aids

SHARP Recovery Solutions –
Substance Abuse Treatment covered by Medical Aids

SHARP Treatment programmes allow people to spend an extended time in a safe, clean and nurturing environment and to develop self-confidence in their sobriety, in their strength to abstain and in their ability to develop healthy relationships. The drug rehab centre provides a primary and a secondary care programme for clients who have already completed a detoxification treatment programme.

The SHARP Treatment programme is built on numerous successful processes and programmes for addiction. The drug rehab centre  is a bio psycosocial treatment model and has incorporated several other best-practice processes. SHARP Treatment recognises addiction as a family or system disease and every effort is made to include the family members in the drug rehab treatment. Counsellors at SHARP Treatment provide families with weekly updates. The drug rehab centre also holds regular family days which allows  families to discuss the experiences of living with an addict and the learning about the nature of addiction and recovery.

The focus of the SHARP Treatment drug rehab centre is to give clients the skills to enable them to live happy and productive lives in the community. Clients go out of the rehab centre for several hours a week to establish connections with recovering addicts in the community and to work on their often, damaged relationships with family. Long-term addiction affects physical health, fitness and general wellbeing and physical activity and exercise are a key focus at the SHARP Treatment centre. A thirty-minute exercise period is provided every morning, together with a variety of well-being activities such as meditation, yoga and dance. Clients are encouraged to pursue these activities at gyms or sports clubs when they leave the drug rehab centre.

SHARP Treatment is staffed by professional counsellors, some of whom are still in recovery, and this creates an environment of understanding and acceptance and provides clients with positive role models. The drug rehab is also supervised by an occupational therapist, a clinical psychologist and a consultant psychiatrist. A nursing sister is also located at the centre. SHARP Treatment is licensed under the Prevention and Treatment of Drug Dependency Act of 1992. SHARP Treatment offers drug rehab that is about the gradual realisation of the power of the choices that people make.

The most beneficial way that SHARP Treatment can accomplish this is through the presence and help of others, especially those who are and have been in the same situation. The SHARP Treatment drug rehab centre is a place where people can learn from and teach one another how to take personal responsibility for their own actions and emotions. SHARP Treatment believes that real learning and personal growth is achieved by practicing the principles of unconditional love and acceptance. The drug rehab of SHARP Treatment offers a thirteen week inpatient/residential programme with a 12 Step orientation, ongoing treatment and support after the completion of primary treatment and regular individual therapy and daily group therapy.