[su_heading]Its a family disease? | substance abuse in the family[/su_heading]


Thinking about my Dad
Thinking about my Kids
and what is my responsibility

The only way i feel after being in this game since 1993 when I went to Clouds in the UK… 21 years ago , Is Fuck ive spent a lot of time thinking about addiction.

that in ofitself is an addiction.


anyway im keepgin going at this social media stuff because the best I can do for my kiuds is to educate them and to create an enviroment where we are comfortable talking about this kind of stuff. the one thing i know and is common with a lot of our clients is the shame that the family often feel and yheir inabilaty to talk about this stuff in a non therating way. that when they approach me and put on the projection that i or we can somehow fix them… we cant do that and any one that claims they can i would be dubious of. The role of the family is to educate themselves as a collective or a team that is going to tackle this and by that I mean be able to talk about it from their own individual perspectives and to be aware hpw eachindividual perspective impacts each other. its a complex task and it often starts with the focus of attention being on the parents and telling them to get on with their own lives and to stop worrig about their kids… this is of course practically imposiable because the parents are often caught up in their own naracistic behaviour as to wheter they are being good parents, what would the neighbours think.etc etc … but hey my parenting skills have often been under scrunity .. but hey  im not the norm…


any way enoug of that im not a blogger , i would much trather be talking .. im more of a blagger than a blogger… and the whole purpost of this is to get search engin rankings , keywords etc etc.. we hit a 1000 likes on FB … but i do want to use technowledgy to promote knowledge … if you want a good link for family members  check out HBO web site on addiction… http://www.hbo.com/addiction

enjoy the spelling mistakest oh and I need to put substance abuse treatment in this article to get noticed and ranked… perhaps i should text my kids and tell the i love them as opposte to trying to get them of their phones…


lobe you all

dislexic david. xxx