I was admitted into Sharp drug treatment centre on the 31 July 2012 with an alcohol addiction. I was welcomed and made feel at home from the moment I arrived

Sharp has proven to me to be an exceptional and extraordinary treatment facility according to the way they treated me as a patient. The employees are dedicated and ensure that they create a safe and happy enviroment for their patient. I have no doubts they can give the best care and help to patients as I was and still am a patient

All sharp employees resonate with what patients go through as they all sharing the same experience, their programs and therapy have surely given me a new meaning to life. I am still sober and clean today all thanks to their hard work and open doors when u need help.

It is great pleasure to say to anyone that is to use this treatment facility they will not fail. I am a living experience of how able and dedicated Sharp is.

Thank you, Mpho Mokwele