Treatment Fees

Affordable, Professional Substance Abuse Treatment

The Foundation Clinic is contracted to ALL major medical aids.  Our 24-day inpatient programmes are partially COVERED by medical aids.  The team at the clinic will assist with medical aid authorisations on the day of admission, and will happily check your medical aid prior to admission to assist with a smooth, hassle-free process.

On admission we require a R2,500.00 patient management fee to cover all miscellaneous costs.  This does not include the cost of:

  • chronic medication,
  • psychiatric medication
  • all prescription medication or
  • opiate withdrawal medication.

Patients will be liable for these costs if they are not covered in their medical aid plans, but this will be discussed with the patient prior to ordering.  These unforeseen costs will be discussed with the client and no unexpected bills or charges will be presented on discharge.

There are self-payment gaps on our 24-day programmes.  However, we continue to try and keep our treatment costs as low as possible in order to assist as many people as possible.

The cost of treatment includes

  • admission medical consultation
  • all inpatient accommodation & meals for the duration of the admission.
  • all group sessions and activities
  • individual recovery coaching

For medical aid clients:  individual sessions with therapists, psychiatrists and social workers are claimed from in-hospital benefits , savings accounts or PMBs, as well as  additional consultations with our specialised General Practitioner.

Any additional tests and fees will be discussed with the patient, for example, chronic medication, blood tests and psychiatric appointments.

Although we do not have psychiatrists or psychologists on the team we do work closely with various medical and therapeutic professionals and are able to make recommendations to assist you in these area.

We recommend you contact your medical aid prior to admission to ensure that you have rehab benefits available and what the scheme is going to cover.