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Financial Arrangements & Medical Aids

  • There are individual rules associated with some of the medical aids regarding pre-admission, medical paperwork and authorisation/approval.
  • Please contact your medical aid and inquire about your personal benefits and PMBs, and what will be covered as we are unable to attain this information on your behalf.
    • Consultations with a medical doctor
    • Consultations with a social worker
    • Medications (certain chronic medications, psychiatric prescriptions and detox meds are not covered by medical aid or savings plans).
  • We are contracted to medical aids, but settlement of the invoice is ultimately the responsibility of the individual or medical-aid member.
  • Certain consultations are not included in the programme costs and will be drawn from the individual’s in-hospital medical benefits or savings plans, and these include medical consultations and therapy sessions.
  • Financial arrangements and payment plans must be discussed prior to admission.
  • All payment plans require that the individual responsible for the account sign an Acknowledgment of Debt and supply a copy of their ID document/card.

For Inpatient Treatment Programmes

There is a R2,950 patient management fee payable on admission for all clients entering into a full treatment programme (on medical aid)

  • If medical aid funds and PMBs are depleted clients will be informed of additional charges for therapy sessions and/or medical consultations.
  • No psychiatric, chronic or long-term medication is covered by the clinic.  If these medications are not covered by medical aid, they will need to be settled by the client.
  • Maintenance medication (e.g. methadone, suboxone, antabuse, etc.) is not normally covered by medical aid and needs to be settled by the client.
  • Self-payment gaps may vary depending on the medical aid Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs), but we are able to discuss payment plans and financial arrangements. The figures outlined are just a guideline, and may vary according to your medical aid.
  • There are private rooms available at the clinic at a single supplement of R1,040/night. This needs to be arranged prior to admission.

Unfortunately the Recovery Wellness OUTPATIENT Programme is NOT covered by medical aid.

We accept Cash, EFT and Credit Card for any co-payments or cash clients.

Should you require a payment arrangement this will need to be discussed prior to admission and in order to sign an acknowledgement of debt, we will require a credit check.