Since time began, humans have enjoyed the feeling of getting natural highs, as majority of people love to alter their consciousness and feel good. Natural highs produce endorphins, serotonin and dopamine without any long term losses associated with addictions. Here are some natural highs you can try out that will make you feel good.


  • Workouts boost your mood – studies have revealed that exercise provides a fleeting sense of calm and euphoria which is also termed as the runner’s high. Riding a stationary bicycle or running on a treadmill between thirty and sixty minutes will alter your brain chemistry of which in turn induces a combination of sedation and analgesia. Vigorous workouts make you feel rejuvenated and renewed and increases the heart rate and detox the body.


  • Yoga Exercises – yoga practice combines breathing, postures and meditation that bring the body and nervous system into alignment with the mind. From inside out yoga changes the blood chemistry and produces a high with both long and short term gain. The breathing exercises in particular alter ones consciousness and provides peace and calm.


  • Eating Chocolate – chocolate contains a chemical that is converted by our bodies into phenylethylamine which is the exact same chemical that is produced when we fall in love. Research has shown that our serotonin levels are boosted because chocolate provides us with a feel good factor such as eating treats that are tasty.


  • Gossiping – according to scientists is equal to grooming. This type of behavior releases endorphins which make one feel happy and warm. Gossiping is essential for our psychological, physical and social well being and is a primitive need that provides a natural high. Cell phone technology has provided an ideal way for people to communicate and allow them to have a good old gossip.


  • Acupuncture – this type of alternative treatment releases endorphins and besides easing pain makes one feel good. The needles used relax the nervous system, and are left in specific parts of the body to heighten the effect. Studies have proved that acupuncture provides positive results even for those that are skeptical.

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