If you want to get something done do it yourself.

Recovery for me is about when I can channel my obsesive nature into something that is good and productive . for example I have spent on average 6k pm on seo markerters and promoters to get my rankings up. being overwhelmed with all this web stuff and the importance of keeping up with the times as it all changes. In my heart of hearts i felt that I was being taken for  a (see you next tuesday) but never had the hart to confront the supliers and the slotht do the work myself and just sit down and work it out.


BTW to keep this site ranked I have to put the following key words in to the blog: substance abuse treatment , addiction recovery, johannesburg rehab.. blah blah blah…


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Promoting Substance Abuse Treatment Website

so here I find myself … obsessed with rankings , likes , followers …… i guess i was a twit for not doing it myself in the first place…


love to my 3 followers..


PS.   with a bit of luck this post will now update the blog on www.sharptreatment.com , send a tweet to the followers of sharptreatment, post to sharp treatment on facebook and update sharptreatmentjojannesburg+ (google plus page but i seem to be the only poor fucker on that)


ok here goes… click!!



well that worked on FaceBook, Twitter but not google+.. so without being a pain in the ass… I have to send it out again.. sorry….. our hard one experiance and all that