holistic rehab johannesburg

SHARP Holistic Approach

I am forever grateful for the holistic addiction treatment I experienced at your rehab centre in johannesburg. My experience at SHARP has not only been life changing, but a life recreated. A special thank you to Lise Jerome, who brought me to this centre, in as a broken, desperate junkie with no hope for any future, other then being a drug addict. This therapeutic community, along with their incredibly dedicated staff and the healing programme as a whole ha scompletely revolutionised my outlook on life. The fact that I want to live again and actively participate in my own life , is a miracle in itself. I’ve come to learn that an addiction is a dangerous place to be in, and that addiction recovery is the way forward.

Therefore, I will always consider SHARP rehab johannesburg to be my home, away from home. Although I feel that you have given me the strength to carry on with my life and the only thing I could need from you now is to remember the holistic addiction treatment and guidance you offered along with a lot of fond memories.

However, I may just check in from time to time to see how you guys are doing on a personal visit and not as a patient 🙂

Thank you for everything SHARP!

Richard Pratt