Meet Sakkie Ngobeni who has been in recovery in almost seven years, he is thirty eight years old. Sakkie worked as a saxophonist all over Johannesburg and met David Collins the founder of U-ACT in a self-help programme in 2008 where David was his mentor for the weekend.  David invited Sakkie to do the recovery coaching course. After training Sakkie found a job at a rehab as a house manager which changed his life. “I know how deal with my problems and have a better perspective on my life from doing the course. Financially my income is now stable even although I could survive before. I am realizing my dreams right now because this work has made me realize that I can go back to school and study whatever I want. It is not easy work but it’s intriguing as you have to be empathetic and dedicated to the process. You need to have a good insight into the emotional makeup of people you are working with and how to contain them. This work has definitely kept me clean – having to work with other people and see where they have been reminds me where I come from and makes me not want to go back there.”

U-ACT’S first Recovery Coaching Course ran in January this year, all the students who graduated found employment afterwards in the addiction arena. Considering that recovering addicts struggle to find employment U-ACT has a very important purpose within the rehabilitation community.

U-ACT is the only organization in South Africa to offer a Recovery Coaching course.  The NPO is funded by KPMG and administered by Deneys Reitz attorneys.

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