[su_heading]social media addiction and internet addiction[/su_heading]


Guys … with my obsessive nature and wanting to get all this techi shit working in sync. i have built the web site and now added myself as a blogger… i will now go out an find people that i feel would add intrest to the field of substance abuse treatment and addiction recovery ( see i put in the key works) …

I want the sharptreatment.com web site blog to be updated… the twitter feed @sharptreatment to post out the update and then my personal fb page updated as well as the sharp treatment center fb page as well…. and i want all to know it came from me….so please be paitent with my obsessive ness , spelling etc etc … but this is going to be good clean fun and im not going to agonise ove spelling , being politacally correct .. towing the 12 step treatment line etc etc … i just want to get all this shit to work so people can teach themselves about recovery and learn how to talk about this taboo shame base subject..


ml dislexic david..


pss.. i have also added a contact for so that bloggers will be able to speak directly to their followers…please let me know what you would like to hear more about and if i ever get time to sit down and read my emails, sms, whatsapps, fb, linkedin google+ i might get back to you… i still prefer the phone… 0832880309