The relapse statistics for drug and alcohol rehab after a period of recovery shows that around 50 to 90% of people will relapse and carry on with their addiction.  Researchers have revealed that addicts that are not adequately supported during recovery will return to their addiction. There are several reasons why beating the relapse statistics is important as a person may relapse after a period of been sober that includes not being adequately prepared for the transition from rehab to home.

It is very challenging for an addict to be moved from a protected environment to in turn face tempting outside challenges. Recovering addicts need to be well prepared for this. There are many addicts that are ambivalent with regards to their recovery, as they have not completely given up the idea of giving up their addiction completely. Some addicts in order to get their friends and family off their case agree to enter recovery, but have no intention of staying sober long term.

johanessburg rehab relapse comparison

Relapse comparison

Alongside addiction there are some individuals that are dealing with additional mental health problems of which both issues need to be dealt with in order for the person to achieve a successful recovery and beating the relapse statistics. The one program fits all approach to addiction recovery is not acceptable, that is why SHARP recovery centre offers tailored programs to suit each individuals needs.

Many addicts fall victim of believing that their only problem is their addiction, and they fail to realize the reasons why they fell into addiction in the first place. If the reasons are not adequately dealt with, there is a 50% chance that they will revert back to their addiction.

In some instances while in recovery, addicts will continue to spend time with substance abusers, which enhances the temptation to be able to resist taking substances. By beating the relapse statistics, those in recovery need to avoid falling in with the wrong crowd. SHARP recovery Centre has all these areas well covered as these types of factors are incorporated in their various programs. Recovery presents dangers and can end up badly if not correctly addressed.