Includes 11-month aftercare & outpatient programme

The programme:

  • 3-day Medically-Assisted Detox
  • 21 Days Inpatient Cognitive Behavioural Programme
  • Including 11 Months Recovery Wellness Aftercare & Maintenance Programme.

The Primary-Care Programme is offered to clients who are struggling with substance abuse and addictive behaviour disorders.

The Secondary-Care Programme is specially tailored for patients who have undergone primary-care treatment.  Individuals are required to have acquired some recovery time prior to admission or in the case of relapse and have well-managed mental health conditions.

The programmes are overseen by our clinical social worker, Judith Gordon-Drake and are designed to equip clients with the tools and techniques necessary to understand and manage their personal addiction and co-occurring disorders. The staff are familiar with mental health conditions in relation to substance abuse, but clients are referred to external psychiatrists if required.

The professional team is trained to assist the individual and their family and support network, in understanding the nature substance abuse and developing resources to assist them in sustained, long-term recovery.

The programme is designed to support individuals in developing a personal recovery plan that will empower them to live purposefully following treatment.  During their treatment the client is involved in individual therapy with a clinical social worker.  Each client also works with a recovery coach to work on their personal post-treatment recovery and wellness plans.

The programme is followed by voluntary attendance at the  Recovery Wellness Outpatient Programme which is an 11-month aftercare and maintenance programme.  This long-term approach has been developed to ensure that the continuum of care which aids improved treatment outcomes and sustained recovery and wellness.

The Treatment Approach

The Inpatient Groups and Sessions include:

  • Goal Setting
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Psycho Education
  • The Recovering Brain
  • Recovery Coaching
  • Trauma Counselling
  • Therapeutic Process Groups
  • Recovery Tools and Resources
  • Psycho-Education Videos
  • Life Story
  • Exit Plans & Resources
  • Nutrition & Fitness Coaching
  • Logo-Jitsu
  • 12-Step Fellowship Meetings and Support Groups
  • One-on-one Therapy Sessions
  • Individual Recovery Coaching Sessions
  • Individualised Development Plans

The residential approach allows clients to practice their learning in a safe and controlled environment, with 24-hour nursing staff and therapeutic support.  The clients are introduced to a routine and structure upon which they are able to start rebuilding their lives in the early stages of recovery.  The entire programme, including house activities, is designed to give clients the opportunity to practice the tools and skills that they are introduced to in the group sessions.

The week-day programme is intensive and busy, while the weekends allow for relaxation and reflection, with visiting hours on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

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