International Treatment & Wellness Programme

10-Week Substance Use Treatment Programme

The Foundation Clinic is located in Johannesburg, South Africa, the largest urban forest in the world, with beautiful gardens to relax and reflect in. The multidisciplinary staff at the recovery clinic comprises of a professional consultant team of a clinical social worker, recovery coaches, trauma coach and counsellor, 12-step coach, nutrition and fitness coach, dance teacher, and other certified facilitators, as well as a medical doctor and 24-hour nursing support staff.  The clinic’s focus is the treatment of substance abuse and addictive behaviour disorders.

The 10-week multidisciplinary programme offers a complete continuum of care for clients who struggle with:

  • Addiction challenges
  • Substance use disorders
  • Addictive behaviour disorders (e.g. gambling, sex, food)

Each client’s treatment and recovery programmes are managed by professionally trained team, with recommendations made in line with the individual’s personal and professional circumstances.  Although the clinic is not a dual-diagnosis unit, the therapeutic and medical team are familiar with mental health disorders, and we work with a strong network of psychiatrists in the area.

The programme is multi-faceted and includes the following:

  1. 5-7 Day Medically Assisted Detox Programme (depending on the substance)
  2. 24-Day Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Programme
  3. 24-Day Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (CBC) Programme
  4. 24-Day Recovery Wellness and Reintegration Programme

The client’s programme over the treatment period includes:

  • Medical Assessment and consultation with a specialised GP
  • Individual Therapy & Recovery Coaching
  • Group Therapy
    • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
    • Psycho Education
    • Goal Setting
    • Recovery Coaching
    • Relapse Prevention
    • The Brain in Recovery
    • Trauma Resiliency Counselling
    • Creative Therapy
    • 12-Step Fellowship Orientation and Step Work
    • Nutrition and Fitness Coaching
    • Movement and Dance
    • Logo-Jitsu (a unique combination of logotherapy and jujitsu)
  • Psychiatric Assessments can be arranged as required, but there is an additional cost associated with psychiatric consultations.
    • Psychiatric and chronic medication are not covered in the cost of treatment.
    • We recommend that clients bring a copy of their prescription or at least a 30-day supply of their medications, as medication may differ slightly in the South African market.

The Recovery Wellness Programme focuses on:

  • Understanding and incorporating spiritual principles and personal values into recovery
  • Creating #RecoveryCapital | Internal and external resources that support people in recovery
  • Moving forward in recovery and understanding the role of professional recovery services
  • Understanding and expressing mature emotions, and dealing with guilt and shame
  • Developing anger alternatives and implementing healthy boundaries
  • The SCARF Model | Understanding and coping with triggers and urges
  • The Wheel of Life | Identifying life areas for personal and professional growth and development
  • The GROW Model | Goal setting and action planning
  • Developing personal and family relationships by learning to listen, using Transactional Analysis and moving from a place of co-dependence to interdependence.

The Reintegration Programme during the final 21 days will give clients the opportunity to create and develop #RecoveryCapital, the internal and external resources to support sustained, long-term recovery.  Clients are supported in developing a schedule that combines elements of the inpatient treatment programme with activities off the clinic property.  This allows the clients the opportunity to reintegrate into a more normalised way of live, while having the opportunity to return to the clinic and process and unpack any challenges they may experience.

All reintegration clients are encouraged to attend the clinic’s Recovery Wellness Programme that take place in the late afternoons, but can also access events such as:

  • Day-trips to local attractions:
    • The Sterkfontein Caves (home of Homo Nledi)
    • The Lion Park
    • The Magaliesberg for adventure sports such as zip lining, canoeing and hiking
    • The Apartheid Museum
    • Soweto
    • The Maboneng Cultural District
    • Constitution Hill
    • Open-top Bus Tour of Johannesburg
  • Sporting Activities:
    • Live provincial and international sport matches
    • World class golf courses
    • Bungee Jumping
    • Rock Climbing
    • Personal Training
    • Jiujitsu
  • Attendance at cultural and theatrical events
  • Visits to shopping malls and local markets
  • Beauty treatments at luxurious local spas

The treatment and wellness package will include:

  • Treatment and Wellness Programmes including therapy and coaching
  • Admission consultation with medical practitioner
  • Accommodation, laundry and meals
  • Airport pickup and drop off
  • Assistance with planning recreational activities during final three weeks.

Exclusions on the programme fees are:

  • Chronic and psychiatric medications
  • Opiate detox and maintenance medications such as suboxone
  • Additional consultation(s) with medical doctor
  • Psychiatric consultations
  • Additional therapy and coaching sessions
  • Private room (there is a single supplement rate of R1,040/day)

Costs are calculated at the local rates of treatment.  This is done to assist international clients in being able to receive professional, progressive treatment without having to pay a premium for being a visitor.

Any and all additional charges will be discussed prior to being charged.  This is normally true in the case of medication and additional medical or therapy consultations.

Cost of the programme (excluding flights, car hire, recreational activities and any visa requirements):

  • GBP 6,450.00
  • USD 8, 150.00
  • AUD 9, 950.00
  • HKD 55, 750.00
  • International prices are subject to change depending on exchange rates.
  • These are approximate amounts, excluding international transfer fees.

The programme fee does not include travel, accommodation, entrance fees to places of interest, car hire or flights, or additional fees for consultations with independent professionals.

The programme length can be tailored to fit the specific needs of individual clients.  This is just an example of the programme we can put together.

Contact information:

Leigh-Anne Brierley | Organisational & Programme Manager


Phone: +27(10)900-3131 | +27(61)526-0581 (Cell phone – WhatsApp Calls/Messages)