There can be nothing more painful than watching a family member slowly destroy themselves with the substance they are addicted to, and watch the damage it causes to those they love. In a case where an individual is truly out of control and unable to help themselves it may be time to organise a drug intervention to help this individual get the help they need before they hurt themselves or someone else.

Intervention is the process of bringing together a number of people that are close to the addicted person, along with a professional intervention specialist to bring about a dialogue that is designed to help the addicted person understand how far-reaching their problem is, and how it is affecting them and their family. The purpose is to get the person to acknowledge their addiction and then be willing to seek treatment. An intervention is best achieved with the help of a professional, this is because a professional in the field of drug and alcohol intervention knows what best to say to get the addicted person to acknowledge they have a problem that they cannot solve themselves, and that they need help in managing it. They will approach the person in a non-confrontational way designed to get the addict to come to his or her own conclusions with help from the family and counsellor. An experienced counsellor can keep the situation under control and keep it from escalating into anger or even violence.

An intervention starts by making a plan. Be sure to find an expert to help you make this plan because there are many different factors to take into consideration. An intervention specialist can help you with all the details you may not have considered, such as insuring that your loved one is present at the intervention as well as who to bring to the intervention, where to have it, and who will do the bulk of the talking. Interventions that are planned properly and executed according to plan with an intervention specialist there to control the events, have been shown to be highly-effective in getting the addicted person into rehab, and, most importantly, into a place where they will be safe and can detox in a supportive environment.

Keep in mind, that while an intervention will give the family members a chance to state how they feel about what the persons addiction is doing to them and their family, the main goal is to get your loved one into treatment, so it is very important to follow the directions of your intervention specialist as closely as possible. By doing so you will increase the chances of your family member accepting the advice of the counsellor and going into treatment. If you need help with an intervention or simply need more information about addiction and its treatment then take a look at the SHARP Treatment Centre. Their methods are designed to help a person gain control of their addiction and to give them the tools they need to stay sober.