Inhalants are huffed or sniffed of which include chemicals found in household products such as cleaning fluids, nail polish remover, lighter fuel, paint and paint thinners, glue, aerosol sprays and amyl nitrite 1. Permanent physical, mental and brain damage is caused when such substances or fumes are inhaled through the mouth or nose. Once a person is hooked on inhalants they should be admitted to a Johannesburg rehab centre such as SHARP.

Inhalants cause the heart to beat more rapidly and cause irregular heart beats as well as deprive the body of oxygen. People that use inhalants more often than not suffer from nosebleeds, nausea, can lose their sense of taste and smell and long term will develop kidney, liver and lung complications. Excessive use of inhalants will lead to reduced muscle tone, strength and mass. Inhalants can affect the way the person thinks, talks and walks and when the toxic fumes are sniffed straight into the sinuses will cause irreparable damage to the brain tissue.

The short term effects of inhalants in addition to the above mentioned can cause the person to suffocate or have a major heart attack. When they inhale a substance, this then takes the place of oxygen in the central nervous system and lungs. People sniffing inhalants may also suddenly react extremely violently. Should this happen, the person should immediately be taken to a Johannesburg rehab center, where there are qualified personal that can take care of the situation professionally.

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Common Household Products

There are several different street names for inhalants such as air blast, bolt, boppers, buzz bomb, huff, laughing gas, hippie crack to name but a few. The long term effects of inhalants include reduced muscle tone and strength and rapid muscle wasting. Inhalants long term will cause permanent damage to the brain and the body.

There are several therapies available for those using inhalants, of which no one method is known to be the best, as no one approach is appropriate for everyone with inhalant addictions. The right drug abuse treatment program is tailored at Sharp’s Johannesburg rehab center to a person’s level of addiction and to their individual needs.