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Knowing when to Stop an Addiction

[su_heading]Knowing when to Stop an addiction[/su_heading]

Knowing when to Stop must be one of the hardest things to admit when you are in the process of an addictive behavior whether its substance abuse, gambling, sex addiction or even food. The N.A.  Who is an Addict preamble of Narcotics Anonymous starts of with. Who is an addict: Most of us don’t have to think twice about this, we KNOW!  and the A.A. Alcoholics Annonmous 12 step programme had a advertising slogan that went. If you want to drink … thats your problem..If you want to stop , Thats our problem. Whis I personally think is fantastic, I beleive that our clients should only come into SHARP if they want to. The Recovery process is just that … a process, it aboutcomint to realise that there is a solution to living life in the culture of recovery as opposed to the painful life of addiction.


Recovery for me means having, Fun, purposeful lives that have meaning  that are underpinned by principles that support me in empowering me to live the life of my dreams. While using or being caught up in an addictive pattern often keeps me running away from that purpose. Or perhaps even harder is making the choice to live that like having to get out of a marriage that isnt working for you or making that career change that is needed. Often our clients will blame their life situations for their using and I have to agree with them. Our hope is that we can awaken them to the fact that they have a choice and therin lies the treatment process. Because, you dont have a choice if you dont have the facts or knowledge. With knowledge ,and what i mean by that is knowing how to implement that knowledge.. you cant give someone a computer and say they have been empowered without teaching them how to use it…! and we often do that with mental illness, just stop!! pull yourself together!! snap out of it!!! and paradoxly sometimes that is excatly what is need sometimes to wake someone up!!!! to move from the victim space to a space of empowerment and then on to tranformation. We at SHARP recovery Solutions are in transformation buisness… true transformation the kind that is need in the recovery buisness and we are making the first move!!! as always love to you all dislexic David…

BTW the following clip is DEVASTATING please watch it with caution…..enjoy your sunday, I can see people are allready looking at the sharptreatment.com web … heavy night i presume…

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