I’m just contemplating how bosses I am with my phone and it’s ability tsharp-tree-pico keep me hooked I. To the Web 24-7.

Obsession of the mind is the problem and how that obsession impacts myself, my family and the relationships I have as I interact with the world.

Working with so many hight flyers I notice the same characteristics. However, there behaviour is seen as a success. Working 16 hours a day… riding their bikes on weekends… training hard… watching their weight.. etc etc and how their behaviour is impacting their partners.

So as this so call illnes a moves from substance abuse we will see in manifest in Internet. . Porn.. cycling. Etc..

Keep you posted

David working from a phone..

Love you all xx

Btw people are telling me I must proof read and not to call my self dyslexic David. I kinda liked it xx I still behave in a professional way..