Extensive research has been carried out on the effects of marijuana and and marijuana addiction. Among the finding is that the substance acts on its own brain receptors and that that use it have shown significant lung changes. Contrary to belief that marijuana is not physically addictive, research has proved that that the substance is extremely addictive, and has been proved to have an effect on the brain, other systems and the lungs, and produces euphoria without the risk of an overdose.


In contrast to other street drugs a marijuana addiction is somewhat different; it has been found to have its own network of chemical receptors which may have a detrimental effect on the lungs as well as the immune system. Researchers have been comparing lung changes of smoker and non smokers and have noted cellular damage and changes in the airways which may lead to lung cancer. After the removal of lung tissue and regular breathing tests in subjects that smoke marijuana, it was found that they were more prone to bronchitis and pneumonia as opposed to the controls.


Studies revealed a significant change in the bronchial tubes as well as the trachea linings of those that have a marijuana addiction. In smokers the cells that clean the debris out of the lungs die off and are replaced by cells that produce mucous of which eventually become abnormal and present with a skin like texture which are now determined as precancerous. Both cigarette smokers and marijuana smokers presented with these apparent changes.


Those that smoke cigarettes and marijuana, the effects intensify each other and cause greater damage to the lungs as marijuana was found to intensify the carcinogenic effects of tobacco. Marijuana was found to contain many of the same chemicals that cause cancer in cigarettes and a joint that is unfiltered deposits four time the amount of tar than a cigarette does into the lungs.


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A Marijuana Bud

Immune cells that were harvested from marijuana smokers were found to have an impaired ability to kill microorganisms and kill tumor cells. Extensive research is still being carried out on marijuana now that scientists have a better understanding of the substance although trials are still inconclusive as to whether marijuana addiction causes detrimental health effects on the body systems, lungs and brain function.