Medical Aid Benefits Substance Abuse- What Members Don’t Know

Helllllloooooooooo Society:)

This is a note from the Admin Team at SHARP.. We would just like to inform any South African that is currently paying for medical aid, that Substance Abuse Treatment is part of their ANNUAL BENEFIT!!! This means that if anyone who suffering with addiction and don’t have financial means to pay for private rehab, the good news is you can get help at our centre, at hospital rates.


We have enough experience to assist with Authorization- Sounds like a mission, right? It’s not really, it’s just obtaining a code from medical aids  that gives members  “authority”-licence- permission-consent to book in to a particular centre/facility/hospital. It allows the centre/practice/hospital to claim for the service, without the member having to folk money out in their personal capacity. This includes any dependents that are on the same medical aid.


We are covered by most medical aids. The ones that we deal with mostly are Discovery, GEMS, Bankmed, Polmed, Bestmed, Libcare and Medihelp. The schemes we’ve mentioned cover between 21-24 days on most plan types. It’s is actually a pleasant experience and a time of learning about yourself. In support of the medical team, we communicate with medical service providers and the medical aids, as best we can to ensure that the needs of client are met in terms  of medication and other consultations during inpatient treatment. They are made fully aware as to where their money is going (in the event that they query a particular expense) and there are no surprises. The better we equip the clients as to know what to expect, the better the transition into their recovery. Finance does play a role and it is in the clients best interest to know what’s for what, who’s for who ect.