The Programme

  • 5-day detox programme [medically assisted if necessary].
  • There will be additional charges for certain medication (if required) and extra days.
  • Alcohol/benzo detox will require a minimum admission of seven days.
  • This admission is done at the discretion of the treating physician and may require a hospital detox period prior to treatment admission.

The Foundation  Clinic detox programme is undertaken as follows:

  • During the detox you are considered a patient under the medical care of one of our consultant doctors and under the therapeutic care of the team headed up by Clinical Social Worker Judith Gordon-Drake.
  • The programme runs for 5 – 14 days (or part thereof) and admission takes place from a Monday to Friday during normal office hours.
  • The programme can be started over a weekend, but then normal weekend routines apply which may differ from the weekday procedures, sessions and activities.
  • Once the client has been settled and is medically cleared, they are introduced to the treatment and recovery process and can start attending certain groups.
  • Detox clients are given plenty of time to rest and relax, but individual therapy can be arranged on request.
  • The professional staff are available to assist the patients in making decisions and plans regarding full treatment and recovery options.